Sound Art, Max/MSP

4- channel experimental sound installation

(empty spaces makes drones)


* Emerson C. Production, Boston, USA

The central focus of this work is the transition, the exchange rate, maturation, mutation. Through analysis of the repeatability of the delay structure with different textures and physicality of sound which stretches through different layers of time and space, the focus of this audio- visual work is the point of encounter of past and present actions, which at the same time affect future actions.

Through resonance experiments of the long time recordings of slow motion repetitions in closed space which then droned itself, ultimately space becomes the instrument. All sound sources join together into a cohesive whole. Over time, the structures begin to interfere with each other in an infinite number of layers. They blur and it is no longer possible to tell at what exact moment the original sound disappears and a new one arises. One perceptible sample can thus be completely clear at one point, but through only a small action it can quickly become chaotic noise, during which the next (already present) sound can no longer be clearly perceived. Alternatively, one perceptible form will also be the end of its existence, and another will just commence. Do perceptions of time and space also change? If so, in what way, to what extent?


                                      Exhumed, Sound Resonance Experiments in Space, 2017

If something that goes forward (by the meaning of time and space) are going in backward form what does that mean then?

Is it going actually backward, is it stagnating or it’s going forward?