Inkjet print, 100x 70 cm



In this series I have collaged newspaper clippings of curent articles reporting banal issues as a subtle commentary to various social issues that receive as little public recognition as they do in those papers. My intention was to create a new situation by combining them with drawings that have been digitally reworked and then printed out as posters (inkjet print, 100x 70 cm).

In this all-encompassing abundance of comercial self-promotion that peaked with the birth of social networks, containing ads and subliminal messages of all sorts, we often forget the fact that the same media can also be used for opposite purposes- to fight against them and create the difference between a capitalistic/egoistic promotion, and promotion that serves a specific need and higher good by subliminally raising public awareness.



A Magnificent Oblivion

A Magnificent Oblivion

A Path Towards Separation

Miles Collector

Flour Polishing

Stone Heater

They Burn Down the Wings in Flight

No euphoria

Iron Dance

Not a Favourite One


IDS- Integrated Detergent System

Negotiated on Examination

Water and Broom


State Transition

Harmonization Rate

Velvet Terrorists