Composing a Space

Immersive Audio- /Visual work

Released Format: 360° Ambisonics (HOA) 2nd order sound spatialization, AmbiX B-Format, Binaural Format

Duration: 28:48 min

Concept: Dora Tomic

Music composer and 360° Ambisonics live audio spatialization: Dora Tomic

Visuals: Camilo Sandoval, Dora Tomic



Reverto is an immersive Ambisonics A/V piece composed by organic sound textures created from the hundreds-hour-long fieldrecording source materials and synthetic sounds combined and composed with a piano and percussion free improvisations. The ultimate composition is underpinned by various other musical manipulations, mixed and live performed in Ambisonics 2nd-order B-format, using the open-source Envelope4Live Max/MSP application. It is presented as an immersive installation in space and audio/-visual performance as well as an online immersive event with the use of headphones for 360° binauraul experience.

This immersive A/V piece deals with the simultaneity and connectivity of collective complex systems. It explores the true use of space as a musical parameter by examining the systemic thinking of listening concepts. It considers the importance of the singular actions of all individual structural elements in a system through the conception of spatial parameters and its effects on neurological mechanisms. This is achieved by moving one dimensional melodic lines to a three dimensional space. The concept of this spatial listening work is essentially that any complexity cannot be understood if only viewed from a single perspective.

Actions and reactions of simultaneous process from different directions. That is what it all depends on.”

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