Immersive Audio- Visual Piece  (2nd order, 11.1-channels Ambisonics sound)


Reverto is an in an 2nd order (11.1 channels) Ambisonics Audio- Visual piece dealing with the process of simultaneity and connection of our collective complex systems. Any complexity cannot be understood if only viewed from a single perspective and if we try to approach its solution unambiguously, i.e. unilinear. Raising awareness of the systemic thinking and the importance of action of all individual structural elements in the system is extremely important.

Nothing is static and linear, even what appears to be so at first sight, and it is only this awareness that can provide new possibilities for reaching further comprehension and understanding of simultaneous processes and the surrounding causality, which are ultimately and beyond doubt essential for further movement and the development of every instance of existence.

Actions and reactions of simultaneous process from different directions. That is what it all depends on.




Reverto7 copy