HD video, 02: 33 min, loop


If you want to have more tomorrow, grab everything you can today. Everything. Regardless of whether this applies to institutional or personal aspects, the principle is the same.

The creation of wealth, both spiritual and material, is a multi-layered paradox. Progress is surely linked to the positive regard of insatiability as the means of achieving some higher purpose. Insatiability is the fuel that propels the engine of progress, which would never have happened otherwise if people had been satisfied with previous achievements. More deeply observed however, it becomes obvious that the combination of progress and insatiability is undoubtedly a contradictory idea. Insatiable urges attack everything. This concealed virus only needs a convenient environment. How long will it last, this culture of acceptance and encouragement of contradictory development, which is one of the main features of contemporary society?


(all connections with poem Our Beautiful Homeland are maybe completely accidentally)