mattresses covered with tar

120 x 190 cm





The cause of the universal lethargy lies in the fact that many instances of existence are drawing some type of cover (national, institutional, social…), which thereby prevents further movement and development of many continuous processes that undoubtedly occur in the same dimension of reality. This raises the question of how important it is to raise awareness of a situation when some instances of existence begin (systematically, consciously or unconsciously) to cover other individual beings.

What lies in the background of every process? Is the being below the “cover” satisfied with its current situation, or is it completely immobilized by it so that it only appears to be in a process of passive existence?

Is there another side to this continuous process, and could raising consciousness about it eventually initiate further development and movement beyond the currently limited space?


(Exhibition was part of associations POP-UP, project for alternative exhibitions of international contemporary artists in abandoned places in Osijek)