Understanding of being and existence in space cannot be reduced to a linear static display.

As a multimedia conceptual artist I’m using the medium of installation, sound and video for explorations of the conceptual relationships between the individual and its physical surroundings.

My work questions the concepts of identity at the individual and collective level by (re)structuring interconnections and interactions between individual elements in dynamically complex situations in time and space. It points out the importance of systematic way of thinking and holistic approches in social discourses through subliminal actions.

It combines traditional and new media materiality and develops a language that uses elements of this combinatorial approach while keeping them structurally and conceptually transparent. The body of my work is the point of constant encounter with past and present actions, which simultaneously influence future actions. It explores the limits of human perception and our capacity to comprehend and interpret our surroundings at a conscious level.

Ultimately, what is visible in my work are not representations of objects, but representations of invisible simultaneous processes that undoubtedly affect the development and movement of individual subjects.